Parker 14 days old

Remember this beautiful mom to be well her little guy is baby Parker born 3 weeks early but weighing over 6lbs. Mom seems to think that her due date must have been off because he is as healthy and active as any 2 week old should be!! Well there is no doubt he will be a wonderful, smart little guy afterall he shares a name with my oldest son!

Oh and he wins the prize as the first newborn to shower me!! Mom and Dad made it thru the session completely dry!!

What a handsome little one he was and with a full head of light brown hair.


Reese 3 months

Oh my goodness was it not the most beautiful day today. I am so excited at the temperatures lately- I am thinking we just may actually get a fall this year! It was so beautiful outside we decided to move Miss Reese's 3 month photos outside today. She was one happy little girl although her mommy said she was a bit camera shy!!

This has got to be one of my favorite shots of the year, I love this sock monkey hat it is by etsy seller FarrahJ although she is on vacation right now be sure to check out her shop!

I love how her little foot was poking out of the top of the basket!

Big Brother- Mr. Clayton he was so good during the session just playing with his cars.


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