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So I have found that since I decorated my daughter's room when I lay down with her for bedtime I still look around the room and love it, it makes me happy and want to spend some more time in there - so I thought it might be time to work on decorating our master bedroom. I never got around to decorating much in our old house and I don't want that to happen to this house! I want to enjoy spending time in each room and everytime I walk in a room I want to feel happy because of the decorating!

So let me show you our bedroom: We still have those craptastic shades up from the previous owners- notice them sagging in the middle- I hate these shades but we have tons of windows so I had to pick the most important ones to replace with blinds for now. Just bought those matching nightstands- they were actually end tables - but I like their openness and they fit perfectly next to our bed (Oh and I got them on a super deal at Kohl's so that makes them even better- only $20 a piece reguarly $200/pair!!) Score with a happy dance included!! (and no our walls are not curved that's just my awesome cropping skills)

We just purchased this bed a few months before we moved into our new house- but the dresser is from my old set and really needs to be replaced because the drawers fall out of it now from coming off the track so much..but who knows when that will happen so in the meantime I continue to use it. I have plans for the fireplace ~ eventhough we had the gas turned off to it- this room is the warmest one in our house so I would love a comfy chair and sitting area over there by it.

So now comes the inspiration - I recently saw this photo floating around on pinterest and loved it. I want to stick with the brown and green combo as that is what our sheets are (and have you noticed the price lately of nice sheets) Holy Moly!!

This was the original inspiration for our room- it too was floating around on pinterest a while back- obviously this is a floor showroom somewhere but still I loved the idea of the curtain closed permanantly over the window- this would help cover those awful shades or even better I could take the shades down completely!! Yes this would work perfectly for us!! Don't look at the color combos here- just the actual layout and design.

So now the fun starts: virtually shopping!! On days when I am feeling the urge to shop but no it's not in the budget I either virtually shop and add things to my cart but never check out or hit up the local stores and snap photos of things I would buy with my phone- to see if I like them enough to save up and purchase later!! Both ways really help me get over the urge to spend on days I can't.

All of these are from Bed Bath and Beyond and I even have a 20% off total purchase coupon I can't wait to use when I finally do get ready to purchase!!

I fell in love with this wall panel- we actually have it in a conference room at my office and I love it there too! Thinking it might work over our fireplace??

I really liked this wall art - but it has a bit more blue in it so it may work perfectly in my office/dining room over the wall unit.

Originally thought this would be cute over the headboard and add some accent colors to work with but after playing around I decided it was the wrong colors- but still love it for a sunburst effect.

I really do not want to put pictures of us over our headboard so I was thinking maybe a botanical type collection??
So ready to see some of my photoshop magic and ideas??

First up was to decide between green or brown curtains?? Don't mind my horrible erasing around the curtains I was rushing before baseball practice to get my images done. Oh and the starburst idea?? Not too bad but just not right yet..and definately the brown curtains (at least in my head)

Next up was my favorite panels- but I think they were too dark especially if I want to use the brown curtains- just too much brown- however I think they will work over the fireplace!! And that way I can actually see them when I am laying in the bed :)

Next up the final conclusion: 6 frames over the headboard with green backgrounds and leafs or maybe some of our favorite travel spots in black and white. The green lamps I am loving for a pop of color and the brown curtains....Now to just decide on the white or brown comforter....
I wish I could say I will have a reveal for you next week but it will take me a few weeks to save up for all these goodies...(thankfully I have a few gift cards to help along the way) - my goal is to have it done by Spring Break- mid March!! We shall have to wait and see!!

So which do you like better- brown or white comforter??

Want to see some more of of my master bedroom/bath inspiration- check out my pinterest board here:


Be Mine!

So it's finally February and I can show you my Valentine's entry table decorations!! I actually have had this up since early January as most of the items were from my photography prop closet that I cleaned out!!

Yes I know I should have ironed the table cloth but oh well! It's actually a shower curtain I got last year on clearance at Target! And notice our painted chair from our December projects!! My son did such a great job painting it for me.

Most of this is from Target~ because where else does one shop these days!! The mailboxes, blocks and pink/red word stones are from the dollar sections up front. I used some wilton cake things to sit the mailboxes on top - I did not glue them but you could- wasn't sure I was going to keep them yet!

The printable came from it's been floating around on pinterest for a while now.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



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